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Well... I think there's no use for me to put any pictures of him in this site, because there is plenty of them on the sites I've mentioned in the previous page. So now my misson is to give you and opportunity to download some music of him that is probably more difficult to find in other places... Thank you for your attention to my interests!
A little official note: Who is Tarkan?
Tarkan (whose name means strong and very bold person) was born October 17, 1972 in Alzey, Germany, where he lived until the age of 15, when his family decided to move back to Turkey. There he started his classical music studies at the conservatories of Karamursel and Istanbul. At 16 he was already performing in bars and clubs. In 1993, Tarkan meets the person that became his producer: Mehmet Sogutoglu, the owner of "Istanbul Records", one of the most important record companies in Turkey.
In less than a year, Tarkan became the most important star in turkish pop scene, thanks to his albums, "Yine Sensiz" (selling over 700,000 copies) and "Aacayipsin" (selling over 2 million copies). At the end of 1994, he moved to New York, where he studied English, and began to give an international dimension to his career.
His third album "Olurum Sana" was released in Turkey and in european countries like Germany, France, Belgium and England; he toured, filling important european venues. In March 1997 he toured with Sezen Aksu, turkish "queen of pop", with whom he has writen some songs (like "Simarik", first single of his latest album "Tarkan"). That same year, Tarkan was honored with the award to the "Most succesful artist of the year" by the turkish association of journalists, an award equivalent to the Grammy.

When the single "Simarik" became an instant hit in Europe, Universal Music France decided to release an album for the european market, compiling the best songs of Tarkan's second and third albums. The result is the album "Tarkan".

During the spring and summer of 1999, Tarkan toured in Germany, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Australia. In May of that same year he received the award to the "Best selling turkish artist" in the World Music Awards, which got him worldwide attention, including Latin America.

His last album unleashed a Tarkanmania in Latin America, especially in Mexico, where Universal Music requested a promotional tour to the region at the end of 1999. However, this visit had to be postponed until the second week of March 2000, because Tarkan should do his military service in Turkey. Military service lasts about 18 months, but a new law came into effect, which allows turkish men living abroad to pay a fee in order to reduce it to one month. For that reason, he could finish his military service in February 2000.
His visit to Mexico in March 2000 was incredible for Tarkan, for he couldn?t possibly ever imagine he had thousands of fans in a country so far away and different from his. He appeared on TV shows, radio, and gave some interviews, promising to return later this year to perform at a concert in Mexico City.
After Simarik's world success, Tarkan began recording Karma, his new album, in July 2000. It has been produced in southern France, Egypt, Turkey, New York and Los Angeles, California; in this last city he worked on the mixing of the album.
The first single of the new album was released on May 2001, and the album itself was released on August 2001. Karma is a great album, made up of beatiful songs, and recorded completely in turkish.
After Karma, Tarkan performed in Turkey in a series of concerts. He also participated in advertising campaigns for Pepsi and Hazyr Kart (turkish cellphone company). With Hazyr Kart he released a calendar in 2002, which was sold out quickly, and a song called "Ozgurluk Icimizde" (Freedom is inside us). Tarkan supported the turkish national soccer team for the 2002 World Cup, by recording the song "Bir Oluruz Yoluna" (Together for you).
So let me start...
and the first thing I do is break my own rules... you can find this song everyhere but I still suppose it to be my duty to put it here. Because I love it.
a concert recording of the song "Vazgecemem"
a positive song performed with Nazan Oncel
the most beautiful duet I've ever heard
no comments... you just gotta hear it ;)
a strange mix of Kuzu Kusu and it's arabic cover version
two unique voices, two unique talents... and a unique song. Meet Tarkan & Sezen Aksu
the information is taken from the site
"freedom song"
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